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People may not take it seriously, it is healthcare workers who are suffering the most

PGI again suspended OPD services, call here for DOCTOR. In the COVID second Surge Emergency is full of Positive Patients and so as Nehru Extension Block. There are 200 Serious Positive Patients striving hard to breathe in PGI ICUs. Hence, the ICUs are too full and going out of capacity. Hence PGI suspended its OPD services from 12 April, from Monday Onwards till the COVID situation settles down.

With 422 Positive cases and 4 deaths in Chandigarh, the city’s graph of COVID marks 3123 highest Active cases so far after September last year. Whereas in Punjab there are 56 deaths in the last 24 hours and 3459 COVID positive cases. As per the medical experts, this second surge is highly infectious and spreading like fire amongst people. In between all this PGI Chandigarh has decided to abandon its OPD services again so that they may save their healthcare workers to treat Emergency cases and handle this surge with full efficiency.

PGI Director Dr Jagat Ram says, ” We are suspending OPD services again due to the second Covid surge. Tele Consultation would work and Emergency services would also work 24/7. With this, Gynecology OPD, Cancer OPD would also work as usual as these patients cannot be ignored. Operation Theatre services other than emergency Operations are also reduced.”

These are the numbers

Sr. NoOPDTelephone NumberNumber of lines
1.New OPD0172- 275599119
2.Advanced Eye Centre & DDTC0172- 27559922
3.Advanced Cardiac Centre0172-27559932
4.Advanced Paediatric Centre0172-27559943
5.OHSC (Dental)0172-27559951

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