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1750 kg tobacco surrendered and incinerated at PGIMER


It is not easy to meet a doctor in PGIMER Chandigarh. It became more difficult for those who are tobacco addicts only when they are carrying these products with them. PGIMER administration took out this initiative of making people aware about tobacco hazardous effects. In all hospitals of PGIMER Chandigarh it is mandatory for every security personnel to check if the patient or its attendant is having any tobacco product or not, if yes, then they have to surrender it there else they would not be allowed to see a doctor.

Under this mission 2016, PGI administration have successfully been able to collect 1750 kg surrendered tobacco products and have incinerated the same till now and still counting. As per Medical Superintendent Dr A K Gupta, PGI staff have tirelessly worked for this and have made it sure that no attendant or patient shall enter PGIMER with these tobacco products.

PGI employees also been challaned

Dr Gupta said that rules are same for everyone. We have challaned PGI employees too under No Smoking Zone rules. They have borne the penality and have promised in writing that they would not use these products in PGIMER premises. As per the records more than 100 plus employees have been framed under the challan. Dr Gupta further said they have been able to make PGIMER a tobacco free institute and will continue to do so.

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