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Though it is a good initiative, yet a subject to wander how these doctor been able to treat patients of North Region this long if they have this problem in understanding the Language. Well, leaving this curiosity behind, the south Indian doctors of PGI will undergo crash course in Punjabi language from 1st  February to 21stFebruary near doctors canteen from 5pm to 8pm.
Panditrao Dharenavar,  who has been teaching Punjabi to south Indian doctors since one year will dedicate his time to teach Punjabi to make doctors well versed with Punjabi language so that the conversation between patient and  doctor is in local language thus the treatment will be better which is the main aim of PGI.  The crash course will end on International Mother language Day, 21st February.
             PGI has got more than 750  doctors and more than 100 nurses from south India  who have been trying to learn the local language, Punjabi with the help of Panditrao, assistant professor in government college sector 46 Chandigarh.They are showing great interest to learn Punjabi language. To encourage the doctors, Panditrao has been giving  “Angad Award” to Doctors.
             Thanking previous director Doctor Yogesh Chalwa for the permission to teach Punjabi, Panditrao said that he will not only teach Punjabi  but also Hindi till his last breath because it is the better way to serve society. Panditrao is originally from Karanataka but has learnt Punjabi so well that he has penned down 12 books in Punjabi and translated Sri Jap Ji Saheb, Sri Sukhmani Saheb and Zafaranama into Kannada language.

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