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Yet again, Chandigarh is ashamed for its daughters. After 10 year old raped victim delivered baby girl yesterday, Varnika Kundu Stalking case caught headlines from 8th std school girl got raped returning from Independence Day celebration, Chandigarh police arrested A Step father who raped her minor daughter at their home only from sector 26. On the other hand, an old man of sector 36 molested a daughter of a neighbor.

Height of Shame is that both of these cases are from Chandigarh and are reported on 18 August Evening. Social Media is getting mobbed with the thoughts in against of such people who are committing these heinous crimes. Girls of Chandigarh are unable to understand what actually have happened to male of this society. Why such activities are not taking a sleep says Women Activist Shubra Kashyap of Chandigarh.

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