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Police get a call from Chitkara University that a girl name Unknown committed suicide after being gang-raped at the campus. A mob of thousands of students agitated inside campus asking for justice. Yet, the Administration of Chitkara University claims it as a Hoax call. Hard to believe but this is what all sources have confirmed.

Students who have been agitating, none of them are assured of the incidence. Someone is saying this happened, he says, she says something, everyone is saying that someone has told them about the incidence and who is that “someone”, no one knows. Some are claiming to have seen the video of ambulance and police in campus but None of them have seen the “Body of Girl”. As per Senior Faculty member of Campus,” This is all because of Social Media, a student viral the video of ambulance and police presence on campus with the content of gang rape, and the whole student agitated like Sheep Move. None of the students tried to check the fact of the matter.”

This really is maddening whatever the reality may be. If it is really a Rumour then this is more shameful at the part of those students who had planned it. Youth shall stop making a mockery of “Rape”. This is not a social media game to play on.

Or If the Administration of Chitkara University is trying to hide or blanket this matter under their “money power” then this is more threatening for students and society.

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