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The surge in COVID cases alerted in Punjab Government.

No Strain 2 found so far, do not believe in rumors

Punjabis Be Vigil On The Super Spreaders And Stay Away. No one would be tattooed as Super Spreader yet they are easy to recognize. They are the ones who is NOT WEARING MASKS. Since there has been a significant surge in the cases of COVID-19 in Punjab, the onus again falls on people of Punjab to understand that it is VIRUS, not any Political vendetta or any rumor to mislead them. Government has many other things to do other than spreading fake numbers. So, whatever data is coming regarding the rising Covid 19 cases, all are for real.

In last 24 Hours, more than 10 people have succumbed to Coronavirus in Punjab. The District that reportedly high in numbers are SBS Nagar, Amritsar, Patiala where people consider COVID just a hoax and Just do not wear mask. So far the Punjab Government is concerned, No police official in these particular districts was doing any Mask Challan till the time cases started surging and Top officials introduced new strict guidelines. It seems that officials too had taken a seat back.

Be it Patiala, Ropar (SBS Nagar) or Amritsar people here are just not ready to wear masks. They call COVID a hoax and when fall sick then they blame the system for loopholes. While talking about this Raveen Thukral, Media Advisor to CM says that The DGP has been asked to be strict and some sort of PR campaign will too be launched. Moreover, announcements are too made at railway stations, bus stands, and markets.

23rd February 2021 (05:00 PM)

  1. Details of Samples and Cases: –
1Total Samples taken4882164
2Samples collected on the day 21729
3Test conducted on the day13174
4Total No. of patients tested Positive  179261
5 No. of patients discharged170187
6 Number of active Cases3295
7No. of Patients on oxygen support77
8Patients who are critical and on ventilator support10
9Total Deaths reported5779
10 Healthcare Workers vaccinated with 1st dose on the day1508
11Total Healthcare Workers vaccinated with 1st dose82403
12   Frontline Workers vaccinated with 1st dose on the day4775
13Total Frontline Workers vaccinated with 1st dose51184
14 Healthcare Workers vaccinated with 2nd dose on the day3462
15Total Healthcare Workers vaccinated with 2nd dose23865
16COVID-19 Vaccinated with 1st dose on the day (Healthcare + Frontline Workers)6283
17Total COVID-19 Vaccinated with 1st dose (Healthcare + Frontline Workers)133587

On 23rd February 2021

 Number of New patients on oxygen support          NIL
 Number of New patients admitted in ICU06 (Amritsar-2, Jalandhar-3,SAS Nagar-1)
 Number of New patients put on ventilator supportNIL
 Number of New patients discharged276 (Ludhiana-55, Jalandhar-25, Patiala-13,SAS Nagar-25, Amritsar-16, Gurdaspur-10,Bathinda-1, Hoshiarpur-11, Ferozepur-1, Pathankot-3, Kapurthala-11, Faridkot-8, Muktsar-2, Fazilka-1, Ropar-6, FG Sahib-8, Barnala-1,SBS Nagar-78, Mansa-1)
 Number of New deaths reported10 (Hoshiarpur-1, Ludhiana-2, Mansa-1, SAS Nagar-1, Pathankot-1, Patiala-1, SBS Nagar-3)

Patients reported Positive on 23rd February 2021-426

DistrictNumber of CasesSource of Infection outside PunjabLocal CasesRemarks
Ludhiana81———-2 Contact of Positive Case, 18 New Cases (ILI), 32 New Cases (OPD), 2 New Cases (HCW), 1 New Case (SARI), 2 New Cases (Police Personals), 24 New Cases———-
Jalandhar39———-39 New Cases———-
Patiala25———-25 New Cases———-
SAS Nagar36———-13 New Cases (ILI), 23 New Cases———-
Amritsar48———-7 Contact of Positive Case, 41 New Cases———-
Gurdaspur10———-2 Contact of Positive Case, 8 New Cases———-
Bathinda7———-7 New Cases———-
Hoshiarpur25———-7 Contact of Positive Case, 3 New Cases (ILI), 15 New Cases———-
Ferozepur2———-2 New Cases———-
Pathankot3———-3 New Cases———-
Sangrur4———-4 New Cases———-
Kapurthala10———-10 New Cases———-
Faridkot9———-9 New Cases———-
Muktsar2———-2 New Cases (OPD)———-
Fazilka2———-2 New Cases———-
Moga8———-8 New Cases———-
Ropar3———-3 New Cases———-
FG Sahib1———-1 New Case (OPD)———-
Tarn Taran8———-8 New Cases———-
SBS Nagar103———-6 New Case (ILI), 97 New Cases———-

   Cumulative Cases: –

S. No.DistrictTotal Confirmed CasesTotal Active CasesTotal CuredDeaths
 SAS Nagar2002442119220383
 FG Sahib2699332553113
 Tarn Taran2212362065111
 SBS Nagar37055953003107
  • From Jalandhar 4 repeat case entries deleted
  • From Gurdaspur 8 repeat case entries deleted

Micro Containment Zones:-

s.noDistricts.no.Micro-containmentsTotal population of the area contained
1Ludhiana16515, ST NO-4, NEW JANTA NAGAR, LUDHAINA412
2Jalandhar1Sang Dhesian54
   Beant Nagar Jashmer Khas 
   Bajwan Kalan Shajkot 
   Nagar Pind 
   SahidUdam Singh Nagar 
   Friends Colony 
   B.S.F. Campus 
3SBS nagar1saloh1165
  2Niana Bet53
  3Moh. Vikas Nagar63
4Fatehgarh sahib1CHUNNI KALAN180


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By Taruni Gandhi

Taruni Gandhi is an ace writer and journalist with over a decade experience in covering health, social issues. She can be contacted at [email protected].

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