Now, law flouted behind closed doors at Nagar VanNow, law flouted behind closed doors at Nagar Van
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After a piece of whistle-blowing news on How UT Bureaucrats are busy in flattery of UT Administrator by violating all categorical rules that prohibit construction here. Nagar Van doors went closed yet, the construction is on full swing.

Surprisingly, the Home Secretary did not know anything in terms of violation of the verdict of Hon’ble Punjab and Haryana High Court on the construction in the Catchment Area of Sukhna Lake. Not only this, the Administration who had declared this area as Eco-Sensitive Zone, does not know anything about this Nagar Van construction, even if it violates the Supreme Court verdict that prohibits the construction inside the Eco-sensitive zone.

Nagar Van that falls under Catchment Area, Eco-Sensitive Zone, Sukhna Buffer Zone, Heritage Buffer Zone, where placing a single brick, without permission is a crime, there UT Bureaucrats, Forest and Wildlife Department is busy in playing “Word-Game” while manipulating the verdicts of Two Highly respective Courts of Nation.

While Talking on Nagar Van ongoing Construction, the Chief Conservator of Forest Debendra Dalai, Forest and Wildlife Department of Chandigarh, says, “We have taken Legal Opinion on the ongoing construction and we are not violating any verdict of Court while doing the construction in this area.”

Surprisingly, here a “Legal Opinion” surpassed the courts’ verdicts. Whereas on the other hand, two noted Lawyers with the knowledge of this matter say totally opposite than the claims of the department that their so-called legal opinion has allowed them to do this construction.

Punjab and Haryana High court Senior Lawyer Ajay Jagga, says that the verdict of the court cannot be surpassed by anything. Only the Court has the jurisdiction or powers to pass a fresh ruling. For guidance on the proper implementation of the judgment, one may seek legal help or guidance or to ensure that the Judgment is not surpassed. This is a well-known concept. Even Legislature cannot overrule the Judgement, although they can amend the law.

While showing his surprise Senior Advocate ML Sarin too feels intrigued to have a look at such Legal Opinion document that Forest and Wildlife Department has received. Sarin says that there can be no such legal opinion that may surpass the verdict of the court and allow construction in that area which already falls under ESZ, Catchment Area, Buffer Zone.

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