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Mission No More Tree Stealing and Smuggling


After the reports of Stolen Katha Trees from Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary, UT Forest and Wildlife Department is all set to depute Night Flying Squads to secure the boundaries of Sanctuary. Just a week ago, huge number of Katha Trees were found axed in sanctuary doubted to be smuggled. As per Wildlife Act, it is prohibited area to enter in Sanctuary.

Department is deputing Nine Night Flying Squads for safeguard of Boundaries of Sanctuary. This is pertinent to mention here that These squads would work whole night. Nine Squads would work every Night turn wise for the security of sanctuary.

Earlier Last year, there have been reports of stealing Trees from the sanctuary. After the axe reports of Katha trees department constituted the team for the sanctuary. Sukhna wildlife Sanctuary is of 2600 Hectare. It has rare Tree species along with Precious Flora and Fauna.

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