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Casteism and favoritism at its peak in UT Administration

Call it favoritism that UT Administration and GMCH 32 Hospital Administration is following religiously. Due to the Surge in the Second wave of COVID, on 17 May 2021, GMCH 32 Director Principal Dr. Jasbinder Kaur, released a notice on Summer Vacation Cancellation and on the other hand grants an EX-India leave to a gynecologist Dr. Bharti Goel that too when the gynecology department is suffering acute faculty staff shortage.

In COVID tension, the Gynecology department has already been suffering the staff shortage where 2 faculty posts are still lying vacant. There is a total of 11 faculty seats out of which 9 faculties are there. One of the faculty has already left for a post in Mohali Medical College while another faculty too applied to some other medical college. Dr. Bharti Goel is granted with EX India Leave for one year that too on Salary for study in Harvard University on PUBLIC HEALTH. This is pertinent to mention here that GMCH 32 too has an MD program in PUBLIC HEALTH and Public Health is completely a different entity than GYNECOLOGY.

As per Sources from Administration, Dr. Goel has her family members there in the USA, and Harvard University is just an eyewash as there would be hardly half an hour class in university. It is a clear case of favoritism and casteism on which Dr. Goel is obliged.

Like such case of study leave, recently a doctor of Delhi has to move supreme court after his petition discarded by High Court on study leave to pursue MD pediatrics in PGI, Chandigarh. He didn’t grant with leave due to pandemic. But here all is fair when you have well-sorted acquaintance with Bureaucrats of Chandigarh Administration, then one can go USA, UK anywhere no matter if there is Pandemic or anything”, says a Senior Bureaucrat of Chandigarh Administration.

We had word with Director Principal Dr Jasbinder Kaur and she says that Dr Bharti Goel is granted Ex India by Administration, we just proposed that leave to Administration. She is going to study Harvard University which is such a prestigious university. Dr Bharti Goel would serve back in institute and obviously contribute in Public Health as an asset.

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