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Be it an Emergency service, Bank Services, Govt Employees enjoys wasting time in their Rightful Three hours LUNCH BREAKS


Wasting time, they think it’s their Right. People in government services, especially in Emergency Medical services, employees love to hover around and make people wait for them as if the service recipient is seeking a blessing rather than a service. Here’s are the different timelines of different government offices, we are trying to portrait their style of working here. Take a look!!

Date: 1st December, Spot: Sector 22 Govt Dispensary, Time: 12:45 PM

A 6-year-old child with a sharp pain in the stomach reaches inside the premises of Sector 22 situated dispensary. Kin’s Mother tries to locate Doctor, Found No one. Then she was asked to go to the window for a slip, But the seat is empty as the person in question is gone for LUNCH. The child is crying, Mother is palpitating, somehow managed to bring the doctor after a lot of drama, the child is attended and further referred to GMCH 32 Hospital. We took the child to GMCH 32, it was just a gastric issue, that 22 Dispensary “Doctor” could not diagnose and let the child in pain and mother roam in between the hospitals. This whole incident took around 2 and a half hours, still, the LUNCH lover employee does not come back to the seat.

Since we have asked GMCH 32 Hospital Doctor to attend to the child personally, so the child got treatment otherwise one can very well imagine the pain and plight of the poor mother and child.

Date: 9 December, Spot: SBI Bank, Sector 17, Time: 1 PM

72-year-old man, well masked, hardly able to walk, came inside the office of SBI situated at sector 17, Chandigarh for his pension. He, unfortunately, did not check the time as Govt employees’ favorite time “The Lunch Hour” started. He is made to wait for two hours for a simple passbook update. When the lady employee who was supposed to do this update, asked for this delay, she says shamelessly, “Ab hum khana bhi na khaye”. The Old man said in answer, “Madam, tabhi private banks aap se jyada grow kar rahein hain, ya fir unhe bhook nahi lagti”.

There are many such government offices, where govt employees would be seen sleeping or basking in sun during their Longest Lunch hours. The story is same with every single government department where bureaucrat or department head goes to home for lunch and people are waiting for him/her as if they are GOD.

Whereas in a Private setup, where a boss or owner is sitting, every single second of an employee is counted, private employees do take lunch but their seats never go empty, there is always a person accountable for a service recipient.

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By Taruni Gandhi

Taruni Gandhi is an ace writer and journalist with over a decade experience in covering health, social issues. She can be contacted at [email protected].

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