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Manager NK Vohra Wrote a complaint to the environment department to take stern action on PGI while presenting recent pictures and evidence.


It is usual for PGIMER, as again Jaypee waste management plant getting more than 14-15 tippers, trolleys of PGIMER biomedical waste there. Biomedical waste of syringes, blood loaded cotton and bandages, blood /plasma bottles could easily be seen in Jaypee Waste treatment plant. Since PGIMER’s own incinerator is defunct and they have hired an agency to do this job for them officially, yet loaded tippers and trolleys are been sent in jaypee waste management plant.

Earlier in this year and last year, Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee along with Punjab Pollution Control Board caught Biomedical Waste with Kabadis of Chandigarh nearby villages like daddumajra. After which CPCC took action against the culprit parties and Biomedical waste came under surveillance in all Government hospitals of Chandigarh.

Now, again Biomedical waste is taken casually by PGIMER and been thrown at Waste plant where workers feel reluctant while handling the same. Also, it is been reported that the PGI’s Biomedical Waste is also seen in the Jungle of Chandigarh that put the lives of wildlife at stake. While talking on this Jaypee waste Management plant Manager NK Vohra says, ” This is a regular affair that we are receiving Biomedical Waste of PGIMER, mixed with regular garbage here at our plant. I have made a complaint to the concerned department as my workers are not ready to segregate these items, been threat to their health.

Talking on this, PGIMER PRO Manju Wadwalkar says that PGIMER had an incinerator facility to take care of incinerable waste. However, it has been shut down as per the instructions of CPCC. As of now, the incinerable waste is being sent to M/s Alliance Envirocare, an authorized BMWTF. The non-incinerable plastic waste is being taken by another authorized vendor M/s V K Plastics. Similarly, glass waste is being sent to another authorized vendor. In nutshell, we have made adequate arrangements in place for disposal of Biomedical waste after due permission from regulatory bodies.

Only solid municipal waste is being sent to Jaypee garbage processing plant after thorough checking at the Institute as per the arrangements made by UT administration. The same is also checked at the plant before acceptance.


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By Taruni Gandhi

Taruni Gandhi is an ace writer and journalist with over a decade experience in covering health, social issues. She can be contacted at [email protected].

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