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Patient has to rush in Government hospital to buy a medicine in Chandigarh

24 hours Chemist shops in Chandigarh, Forget it. Call it bad luck of Chandigarh that the inutile UT Health Dept can not sense a basic need of city i.e. a 24 Hour Chemist Shop in each sector. And God Forbid if an old-aged person needs to have an urgent medicine at odd hours on Sunday or even on any weekday, the patient has to rush inside the premises of Government Hospital to buy medicine.

Only The Wearer Knows Where The Shoe Pinches. This phrase deems fit to many such people who rush inside the Government Hospitals of the city for a Paracetamol or allerid when their family person falls sick to some allergy. Recalling such an incident a daughter of an army officer Shraddha of Sector 38 C, shared her pain with us and says that she has to rush many sectors to see if any single chemist shop is opened on Sunday 14 Feb at 9.30 PM. She has to buy an asthma inhaler pump for her mother which was not available in Sector 16 Government Hospital situated Chemist shop. She then on request went inside the PGIMER Emergency to buy that pump.

Shraddha is not the only one, there are many such people in the city who face this burn every Sunday as mostly Chemist Shops are closed and on weekdays, all shops go closed at wee hours. In 2007, Chandigarh Health department then DHS Dr. M S Bains passed orders to open chemist shops by 24/7, and Chemist shops refused the orders then. After 2007, no official retook the matter and thought of the issues city people have been facing in these all years due to non-availability of medicines at wee hours.

Though UT Adviser to the Administrator Manoj Parida says that they will certainly consider this issue positively.

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By Taruni Gandhi

Taruni Gandhi is an ace writer and journalist with over a decade experience in covering health, social issues. She can be contacted at [email protected].

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