At night, Pgimer go on sleep mode says Mera Aspataal Survey
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6 out of 10 patients and their fellow mates go lost in PGIMER, chandigarh when they arrive here for the first time. PGIMER in its regular survey under patient care program “Mera Aspataal” of GOI, found that there is big communication gap between information and its delivery to the receivers. In its example, survey mentions that if a patient with a heart attack comes to pgi emergency at night, the procedures to get him admitted in cardiac heart centre is so confusing that guardian to patient go harrassed, hence delay in treatment.

Patients and their guardians are often looted and befooled by opportunists. They lost their belongings in continuous confusions of whereabouts of institution. The plight of patients go more pathetic when they find no way out from the authority as well. In survey patients were asked several questions about their visit to hospital. They shared it usually takes three days to see a doctor in new opd. While asking about the diagnosing testing system of institute they feel non satisfied for the same.

When patients asked about difference between day time and night time, they shared that in night pgimer facilities go on sleep mode. It is more dangerous for an emergency case to have treatment here at night time as there is hardly anyone to listen, forget attending the patient.

While talking on this issue, Medical superintendent Dr A.K. Gupta says that there is huge rush in emergency, we are striving hard to manage everything. We know these issues, we are fighting and coping up with scarcity of manpower.



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