PPCB Imposed Rs 10 Lakh Fine on Fortis Hospital on Bio Medical waste Mismanagement
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Guarantee of Rs 25 lakhs in Bank as an assurance to ensure compliance of Bio Medical Waste Rules, 2016.

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Today, on 12 februray 2018, Chairman of Punjab Pollution Control board framed his final decision on M/s Fortis Healthcare Mohali over the Mismanagement of Bio Medical Waste under Bio Medical Waste management Rules, 2016. Few Days before Fortis Hospital alleged to have disposed off their Bio Medical Waste to Scrapper of Daddumajra which was caught red handed by PPCB. In a personal hearing given to M/s Fortis Hospital, Mohali Chairman has annouced fine and guarantee along with suspension of their House Keeping Incharge on an immediate effect.

In an official orders of PPCB it is mentioned that the hospital has to bear a fine of Rs 10 lacs which is imposed for the violation of the provisions of the Bio Medical Waste Management Rules, 2016 and the same shall be Deposited by the hospital in the account of Environment Engineer, Punjab Pollution Control Board, Regional Office, Mohali IMMEDIATELY.

Fortis Hospital’s trouble doesn’t end here as it has to deposit a bank guarantee of rs 25 lacs with PPCB as an assurance to ensure compliance of Bio Medical Waste Rules, 2016, VALID FOR ONE YEAR WHICH IS FURTHER EXTENDABLE.

The hospital shall strengthen their internal mechanism of segregation, collection, transportation, storage and final disposal through the operator of CBWTF and shall provide bar-coding system for the same within one month.

The hospital shall install CCTV cameras on final Bio Medical Waste and General Waste collection area within 7 days to rule out the possibility of pilferage of bio medical waste from the hospital in future.

The hospital will appoint qualified officer (at least Science Graduate) as in-charge of bio medical waste who should also get himself necessary training from Regional Office, PPCB, Mohali.

The Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee should be directed to take strict action against the Kabaria Dharampal, who was caught collecting bio-medical waste of the hospital.

Delhi Pollution Control Committee shall be written to investigate the matter regarding illegal recycling of plastic bio-medical waste by Khan, who is purchasing the untreated bio-medical waste from the kabaria Dharampal for further processing of the same in Delhi.

The hospital will conduct sampling of ETP-cum-STP from Punjab Bio Technology Incubator, Mohali immediately and submit report to PPCB.

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By Taruni Gandhi

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