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Chandigarh Ladies broke the Monotony of parochial thinking, This Doctor is Trending Now

Breaking the Monotony, This Male Gynaecologist has a valid question to ask you people out there.


When he completed his Post Graduation in Gynaecology, he did not even think once that the Doctor Class has such parochial approach for “Male-Gynaecologist” because while learning Medical practices he was told by his teachers that Doctor is above the Male and Female differences, biases and games. He got surprised and shocked to feel the reality in field after completing his education from PGIMER, Chandigarh. He is Dr Arun Kalpdev, Gyn Surgeon from Shalby Silver Oak Hospital Mohali. He has something to ask and tell you people around which is really brain-storming. The Question is

Do Ladies Have only a Gynaecology or Pregnancy related diseases where they always and only need A FEMALE DOCTOR?

Do Ladies Not have Uterus Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Bladder related issues, Heart Problems, where Mostly and always MALE DOCTORS treat them?

Check Out What “Dr Arun Kalpdev” has to say about his journey

After All my struggles in different areas and with my fellow doctors of city, Chandigarh Ladies are seen More welcoming in understanding that Doctor is meant for treatments not a Male or Female to be questioned for What he is doing.

medanta_laparoscopic_surgery Everyday,  I am having an OPD of 100-150 Female patients and 5-10 operations lined up in a week. But, It has not been easy, When I opted for a professional career in OBGYN way back in 2005 little did I realize that I was embarking on a challenging journey. Spending six years in India’s premiere institute PGIMER Chandigarh (Three years’ post-graduation & three years’ senior residency) I was made to realize that

  1. Being a male gynecologist is a relatively tough job
  2. The perspective of patient towards the treating physician is the key to successful treatment.

Professional life had been tough after leaving PGIMER Chandigarh. I approached multiple private hospitals & clinics for establishing association as gynaecologist but was always turned down by hospitals. The single statement explanation was “female patients are not comfortable seeing male gynaecologist”. This was the moment when I started realizing first fundamental “Being a male gynaecologist is a relatively tough job”.

When I shared my disappointment for being a male gynaecologist Prof Mishra said ‘You keep doing good work and you will never be hedged up or turned aside. You are a man of deeds, not of words.’

After all the disappointments I felt more determined than ever to been acceptable male gynaecologist and got determined to destroy a strong barrier between me and the existing notion. To accomplish this I invested my whole savings for obtaining “Advanced Gynaecologic Laparoscopic Surgery” training course with Prof R K Mishra and got proficiency in Laparoscopic & Robotic surgeries in 2011.

eddMy first appointment outside India was Republic of Maldives, a Muslim country. Second international appointment was Republic of Botswana. Both countries had different socio-cultural norms and beliefs. Working experience was excellent during my stay as establishing an acquaintance & rapport with patients, in addition to being skillful, despite being a ‘male gynaecologist’.

After wards working in MEDANTA: THE MEDICITY on a profile of Gyneac Laparoscopic & Robotic Surgeon (where I treated patients from Nepal, Bhutan, Africa, Europe, Iran, Iraq and Saudi-Arab, Afghanistan etc.) had been awesome, amidst the skepticism of being male gynaecologist.mod-1

Since the comeback in Chandigarh in 2013 and job search again made stand on the same front. Job providers / Hospitals’ quotes remained the same as before in addition to being “overqualified” for this place and “wrong decision of leaving Medanta”. To my knowledge the laparoscopic gynaecologic surgical services at this particular time, at most of the hospitals & premiere institutes, required updation (and still require it).

But even the ‘potential scope of development’, alone, didn’t ensure you an opportunity to work for an institution. We are most authentic at our weakest moments, and it is at these times that we learn life’s biggest lessons. Also it’s difficult to maintain the empathy, compassion, and idealism in tough times. It was a moral crusade to my mind which I pursued in order to accomplish its end.robotic_surgery

After a period of struggle I was able to work on Minimal Access Gynaecology & Gynec-oncology (gynaecology Laparoscopic surgeries) at ESIC Chandigarh & Gian Sagar Medical college. During this period, I have treated hundreds of female patients with no reluctance in consulting, getting examined and treated, from the patient.

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