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Loving Environment, taking care of Birds and animals is the best way to give back nature

Nothing can be more beautiful than rescuing a speechless breed. On 10 June, Evening, near Doll Museum, When PGI Pediatric Surgeon rescued Bird Kingfisher, he gave us Humane Goals. We are talking about Pediatric surgeon of PGIMER Dr Ravi Kanojia, who stepped out from his car and looked at the beautiful Kingfisher who got stuck in grills of sector 24 situated Park.

A surgeon hand knows the complexity and without hurting the beautiful birdie; he set him free from the grill in which he was stuck badly. It took around 15 to 20 minutes in its rescue. Scared Kingfisher tried hurting doc with its beak but as surgeon hands are always perfect to handle the emergency.

Dr Ravi Kanojia is Professor at PGIMER, as pediatric Surgeon. He often handles tiny tots with his medical expertise. He has a message to give us all that “Its okay to be busy, and serving environment in any form has nothing to do with someones’ profession. Its our duty to save these creatures rather beautiful rare creatures like Bird Kingfisher.”

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