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Rumours are baseless and Politically Motivated


I being a Medical Journalist, was surprised and shocked by people’s mindset to believe that their organs would be taken out if they get themselves tested for COVID and gets admission to the hospital. Surprisingly, more unknown dead bodies ended up in hospital mortuaries, if doctors are that desperate to sell and purchase organs, they could have had made money out of those bodies. Moreover, it is for General Knowledge, that even a simple Hepatitis Infected person’s dead body go rejected for an Organ donation.

Anyhow, this story is not what is roaming around the street of Punjab as a rumor, story is How is it so widely injected in the mindset of Punjabis. Yesterday only, I surprisingly get a Video call on my Instagram Account, which is a Private Account. I picked up the call, found no one at the other end on video, then I realise the person in question has turned his camera OFF.

Now what he asked me to. He told me, Madam you are quite active on Twitter account and you are a Medical Journalist, I said, Yes. I have an offer for you. I said, “Okay, What’s that”. He told me he will give me 100 dollars for making a video on COVID Scenario in Punjab. I asked, “What sort of Video ?”

He told me that I should say that Doctors are paid, Para Medics are paid for declaring people COVID Positive and then they will take out organs and would kill people so do not go to the hospital. I asked him, “I think, you know, I am a journalist?” He said, “Yes, This is why I call you”. He further said, “Give me the account number, I will transfer Money”. I reluctantly said, ” I can give you my Paytm Number, send me in money, then I will think”. He hung the call. After a while, I tried to have access to his account. Surprisingly, there is no such account. I could not even find him.

I did have word with some of my influencer friends, on the condition of anonymity, they told me that they too are getting such offers but since Police are so vigil, they avoid doing it. More Surprisingly, Nothing such a rumor thing is happening in UP, Haryana, Himachal, Mumbai then why only PUNJAB. I can feel rather I am sure there is something fishy, and surely it is Politically Motivated. Imagine, in this time of crisis, these people are so shameless that they are paying people to monger rumor.

I would request CM Captain Amarinder to kindly look into such cases, and make people understand, how are they been used.

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By Taruni Gandhi

Taruni Gandhi is an ace writer and journalist with over a decade experience in covering health, social issues. She can be contacted at [email protected].

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