Live Foetus for Post-Mortem, staff got shocked at PGIMER
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20 weeks pregnancy, foetus was unhealthy to give birth so as per PGIMER suggestion, the couple from Nayagaon went to Punjab and Haryana High Court to seek permission to abort. On 26 December, abortion happened and foetus was sent to PGIMER Mortuary.

Now the main story starts. The Foetus was found to be alive and the team of mortuary after waiting for two hours, sent the foetus back to the Gynecology department, saying about its alive condition. Now, as per complaint made by Union Leader Ashwani Munjal, ” In nutshell, no matter what happened. who is to blame, the question is, how can they allow this to happen? How can they send a living body to the mortuary? Imagine the horror the workers faced. Now every time, they would have to touch a body, they will be looking out for a pulse.”

According to Munjal on the claims of Mortuary staff, the foetus was on the slab out in the cold for a few hours before they realized it was alive and sent it back.

“We have ordered an inquiry into the matter, a committee, headed by Dean Research Dr. Arvind Rajwanshi, has been formed to look into the matter,” said PGIMER’s official spokesperson Dr Ashok Kumar. Dr. Rajwanshi, who is currently out of the station, says the proceedings of the inquiry are yet to begin. As Per Dr. Kumar being Officiating Medical Superintendent also, “We do not endorse any threatenings and neither we have this much time to threaten someone on any issue, nor we know if this sort of thing has happened since no complaint was made by mortuary staff.”

Union leaders from PGIMER allege that three doctors have threatened the mortuary staff with expulsion for revealing that the foetus was alive when it was first sent to the mortuary on December 26.

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