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Dr Preeti Jindal and her journey to bless ladies with motherhood.
Dr Preeti Jindal


When a lady chooses her path to family, many questions bubbled up in her heart, being a doctor you answered those questions, how was your feeling for them?
I have seen many Moms to be, their Mom in laws and mothers overburdening them with loaded suggestions and instructions. I often go mute over their suspicions. But that’s how pregnancy journey all about. That is why I thought of writing book to answer for their essential queries.
What is My Lil Pregnancy Companion all about?
It is an answer to all questions what a pregnant lady and her family went through in her pregnancy tenure. Often they refer to Google and then came to me with same question saying Google say this. For God’s sake Google is search engine, Not a Doctor!! So, I wrote this book. It’s my over a decade experience which I tried to wrap up in words.
Here’s link of the book on Amazon
So, here are the most asked questions to me which I keep answering in my opd.
Can I Exercise in my Pregnancy?
Exercise is good in pregnancy; it improves the posture, circulation and gives feeling of wellbeing. Exercise helps in controlling weight gain along with blood sugar levels and helps in coming back to shape after delivery. Exercise is also a way to improve your chances of having a vaginal delivery because it increases the laxity of Pelvic muscles. The conditions where exercises are contra indicated are low lying placenta, back problems, raised blood pressure etc.
How can thyroid Abnormality affect Pregnancy?
Thyroid abnormalities can lead to Infertility, miscarriage and neuro developmental defects. Hence, If one is on thyroid medication before pregnancy then she should not stop it without consulting the doctor. Also, Every Pregnant women should have Thyroid Function tested as soon as she conceives. As Thyroid levels vary in pregnancy, it should be regularly checked also one should have iodised salt to prevent iodine deficiency.
 Are Ultrasound safe in Pregnancy?
Ultrasound  are sound waves not radiations. They are very safe in pregnancy. Even the Trans Vaginal Ultrasound (TVS)are very safe. Infact in early pregnancy TVS is needed to rule out ectopic pregnancy which should be done at 5-6 weeks of pregnancy after bhcg (Hormonal) values in blood are more than 1500Miu/ml. Number of ultrasounds depends on requirement and progression of pregnancy and any number of ultrasound done are safe
What are the tests to be done prior to pregnancy or during early pregnancy?
There are many tests which preferably are done in pregnancy or prior to it like blood “gp”, ”Rh”, “Hb” electrophoresis for thalassemia detection, “Rubella IgG”, “Varicella IgG”, “TSH”, “Blood sugar”,
“Thalassemia” which is blood disorder in which there is chronic anemia happens can be passed to baby, If both husband and wife are carrier of thalassemia genes then there is 25% chance that baby may be affected with thalassemia disease. Hence Hb electrophoresis is must in pregnancy or before it .
Is it safe to have sex in Pregnancy?
For a healthy woman with a normal pregnancy, intercourse is safe. You and your partner may want to experiment with different positions that could be more comfortable. If placenta is low lying or there is bleeding then one may be advised sexual abstinence. It is safe in all weeks.
How should be the cot of Baby designed?
The space between cot bars should not be more than 1” to 2.5“, 25mm to 65mm wide so that your baby’s head cannot be trapped. Also, the mattresses should fit the cot so that there is not a gap of more than 4cm. This is pertinent to mention here that to avoid suffocation one should remove polythene cover from the cot.
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