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Several Videos, Several Documents, proved many times the lackadaisical attitude of Top authorities of Rajindra Hospital


How come is this possible that every single diagnostic department of Rajindra Hospital, Patiala is cribbing on one single issue. Lack of requisite diagnostic products. This makes Rajindra Hospital fell on feet every time when there is a sheer requirement of being nothing but vigil in this time of Pandemic. Point is not that Some “A” person is not doing the job at right time, Point is; the whole system of clearing file and sending it to other departments, and theirs’ habitual nonworking attitude, creates hurdles in the treatment of COVID patients as well as in Non-Covid Patients.

Here, the diagnostic department’s personnel on the condition of anonymity, are alleging Medical Superintendent Dr. Paras Pandove of holding their demands for the last three to four months. That too when all those demands are highly required in time of Pandemic. The basic demand like Surgical Gloves, too have been lingering on for the past two months. D Dimer test, Diabetic related tests products, IsoTrol Control, Sodium Conditioner, and many more have been pending for months. As a result, the Microbiology and Clinical Pathology department Doctors are meeting up their requirements while borrowing from Local Market on their goodwill.

The story does not end here, the paramedical staff of the hospital works only when they are rebuked. The paramedical staff is alleging that they are not well equipped with the right required protective measures. On the other hand, there are some senior doctors who are working tirelessly to make both ends meet and save patients. Here credit goes to Nodal Incharge Dr. Vishal Chopra, who has been doing tireless job 24 by 7 to comfort COVID patients. But, How only a team of only three or four senior doctors along with a Civil Surgeon Dr. Harish Malhotra, would be able to win the war against COVID when the whole system is just not ready to work and just wish to dance upon others’ credit.

When we have word with IAS Surbhi Malik, COVID INCHARGE, she says that we are sitting here to sort everything as early as possible. If there is anything that is lagging behind, I am here to sort it asap, no matter what.

When we have word on Medical Superintendent Dr. Paras Pandove, he says that there is no point that I or my office held any file for clearing. This is crisis time, and I never have afforded to become a hurdle in the requirements of any department. Moreover, I used to clear 20-40 files a day and make things available to the department as soon as possible. Even, if there is something that is still pending, I make sure that I will clear all due files on Monday.

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By Taruni Gandhi

Taruni Gandhi is an ace writer and journalist with over a decade experience in covering health, social issues. She can be contacted at [email protected].

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