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If Expensive Hospitals with lucrative infrastructure are only criteria of the Best treatment then there may not cases pending in courts of fraud and ill-treatment related to these so-called big professional hospitals. Well, that is not the story here, here the story is to have the right treatment from right hands. That too when a person is striving hard to live his regular life normally after suffering from Piles or anal fistula probably the largest one claimed in a Journal MedPulse Journal of Surgery as well.

Sirhind situated Rana Hospital did this complex of the anal fistula which was 30 cm (as same as the size of a foot) largest fistula of the world. The patient got himself operated for this from Chandigarh based hospitals but did not get rid of it. The fistula was extending from anal canal till abdomen, which certainly is the rarest site for any surgeon to encounter and for any person to bear.

A case was operated in Rana Hospital, Sirhind by team of doctors including Dr. Arun Rojansakal, Dr. Pardeep Singh Chahal and Dr. Hitender Suri. After 10 months of extensive efforts, the fistula healed completely.

As per records mentioned worldwide largest fistula treated until today was 25 cm. But the fistula treated at Rana Hospital was 26cm (as per MRI Report attached) practically this fistula was more than 30 cm, more than a size of a foot. Since patient Kulwinder Singh got operated by Surgeon Dr. Arun Rojansakal from Bangkok, the patient felt grateful for the doctor.

Adding another feather in its cap, Rana Hospital which has already been in headlines while being in Guinness Book of World record and Limca Book of records.
Civil Surgeon Fatehgarh Sahib Dr. N.K Aggarwal congratulated team of Rana Hospital doctors for their commendable job and said this hospital is doing pioneer work.

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