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Inner Wheels Chandigarh Central Joint Installation team chose their President for the next tenure


Inner Wheels, an NGO who is associated to work for welfare of Women, Children and society at large, has chosen its new President face. This is for Inner Wheels Chandigarh Central unit that Veena Singla is chosen out to be a President for this particular tenure.

Veena Singla is known businesswoman and socialite of Chandigarh who already have so many social works in her credit. She is known to have worked for underprivileged kids and always have been keen to provide quality education to those kids.

While Congratulating Veena Singla for this post, she told us that there are many girls whom she has been able to help in education, are now doing great in their lives. It is just so satisfied to see those people growing who once have been wishing for better tomorrow. Veena Singla aspire to work hard for children and women in need at war foot while handling stewardship of Inner Wheels.

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