Seen Article 15 Movie? They are living it every moment, a reality of State UP
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Casteism is that prevalent that a link Road is not made, people are forced to leave their houses.

M4PNews|Jogipurva, Gonda

In earlier days, we have written plight of this village which is still deprive of Electricity, Read this below link

Today we are going to tell you that how Article 15 is reality in Uttar Pradesh’s Gonda District. There is small village Jogipurva/Banianpurva in Munderwa Gram Panchayat falls in Colonelganj village. Here, people have kuchcha rasta to reach their village which is supposed to be a link Road to main road and should be a well constructed concrete road. But it is not!! Why? Who stopped it? Why Administration is not been able to do this?

These all questions have only one answer, “CASTEISM”, yes, casteism. And When Madam Finance Minister in Parliament boasting of raising poor class from all paucities while reading her “BAHI KHATA”, we are laughing sarcastically here. Because, these people (the politicians) never ever had been to such places. They never ever had such painful experiences of “Not Having Something”.

IMG 20190706 WA0002
Kuchcha Rasta to Village, both side to road are encroached

Coming back again to Road part, it is not been constructed yet because THE THAKUR (THE UPPER CAST), THE SO CALLED DICTATOR of this particular area have encroached the area of link Road and did not let the road thing happen. Moreover, 8 families of this village have been forced to leave their house due this road only because in some brabble moment, The upper cast one have told them “हमारे मुहारे से मत निकलना” “NOT TO CROSS THIS ROAD AS IT IS JUST NEXT TO HIS HOUSE”.

These innocent villagers are forced to live in Jhuggi (a temporary arrangement of house) near to main road that links the village. While having word with Mangal who suffered this casteism burn, he told us,” इहां तो ठाकुर ही माई बाप है, अफसर लोग भी उनकी ही सुनते हैं। हम गरीबन की कौन सुनता है” “Here Upper Casted people are GOD, administration listens to them only, No one hears the poor”

IMG 20190707 WA0000
Forced to live on road in temporary arrangement while having house in village which was destroyed in casteism brabble.

Like Mangal Many people have been forcibly shifted to temporary arrangements to live and do their daily chores. And this Yogi Government is boasting of having facilitated the people of villages with electricity, Clean Water, Concrete Roads, all roads connected to highway bla bla bla…., when we reach there and have seen with our eyes, Mind you, Every Government Promise is war far from reality.

As expected after giving several calls to Chief Rural Development Officer Ashish Kumar and DM Gonda Dr Nitin Bansal, no one answered call on this issue.

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By Taruni Gandhi

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