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Chandigarh has only one complaint of Sexual harassment till 2017 whereas Haryana toll is at 17.

Call it being ignorant to this facility of Central Government or Non seriousness of Government while promoting it well as it should be; SHe-Box is indeed a blessing in disguise. Especially for those who really are suffering. It is another way out of #MeToo Movement and moment at your workplace (Private or Public sector) when you do not want to put yourself into spot yet want culprit to punish, if harassed sexually.

On 8 Feb 2019, in Lok Sabha session, SHe-Box has been a matter of concern to know if this system is working properly. It is said that till 2017, across the India, SHe-Box has received many Sexual Harassment complaints. In the list of SHe-Box, Haryana has 17 Complaints, Chandigarh has 1 Complaint and Delhi has 26 complaints. This is too when many ladies do not know about this facility because SHe-Box facility has not been promoted well in Public.

In the complaint Box for Uttar Pradesh, there are 22, Maharashtra has 38 Madhyapradesh, Andhrapradesh and Telangana has 10 complaints of Sexual harassment from Public and Private job Sector.

While answering the question on Salient features of SHe-Box, Complaint receiving and disposing off the complaints, Dr Virendra Singh Minister of Women and Child Development said that their ministry have developed this Online Sexual Harassment Complaint System for ladies working in Government and Private Sectors titled Sexual Harassment Electronic-Box (SHe-Box). Once a complaint is registered on SHe-Box portal, it is directly reaches to the concerned authority having jurisdiction to take action in the matter.

The SHe-Box so far has disposed off 114 cases including complaints received from Private/public sector from State and Central Government.

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By Taruni Gandhi

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