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NGT ordered its executive committee to find root cause of Ghaggar River Pollution coming from 4 States comprising, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh

Executive Committee found numerable points that showed negligent behaviour of Four States’ officials that they simply did not want to work towards restoring water of Ghaggar river to the prescribing norms and quality. Members of Committee visited 13 places where in they found sheer insensitivity towards source of life i.e. water.

It is said in the interim report that committee members have found while visiting the health camps organised by Punjab and himachal Pradesh that people residing in catchment area of Ghaggar, Municipal Corporations and others have lot of interest in Cleanliness Drive of Tributaries and Drains whereas during the sample collection by the committee it was observed that large amount of Untreated water/Industrial Coloured water is being discharged in drains.

On the Visual Observation and on the basis of appearances of water in Ghaggar River stretch, drains namely Jhermal Choe, Twenty five Dhara, Shambhu Border, Patiala Drain have been identified as MAJOR HOT SPOTS. It is observed that Dissolved Oxygen level is less than the aquatic life supporting requirement.

It is also said in the interim report that more than 95 percent criminal cases related to environmental issues presented in the court to prosecute the violators ended in acquittal whereas only 5 percent such cases are convicted.

It is mentioned in the report that Process of installing Sewage Treatment Plants in Ghaggar River stretch is relatively slow due to which Ghaggar is in danger.

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