PGIMER extension at Sarangpur- A baby in womb, only hopes yet to take shape !!
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Time is everything and who else than PGIMER Chandigarh can better understand this. One Minute to Golden Hour Value, life and death!! PGI administration shared Sarangpur Extension Project “idea” with media more like a baby conceived in womb and it will take certainly many trimesters to take birth, Since there is no map cleared, no budget been thought or estimated, no land estimation and no connectivity road map is not ready yet.

PGIMER Administration still need to understand value of “time”. This premier institute allotted 50 acre land at Sarangpur two years ago for its extension. Keeping increasing pressure of patients in mind, they desperately need to have an extension where pressure could be filtered but it took two years to sleep on this and to create the idea that what to have and what not to have at Sarangpur Project. After two years, one fine day only 40 faculties including HODs gave their consensus on Six Super Specialty centres that will be part of this extension Project of PGIMER.

The consensus is on to have NEW OPD, Trauma Centre, New Learning Resource Skill Centre, Cancer Institute and Organ Transplant Centre. Though PGIMER Trauma Centre would be shifted there at Sarangpur on the lines AIIMS Delhi said Dr Jagat Ram, DPGI, Chandigarh.

While talking on Road connectivity and Heritage design of Chandigarh, the DPGI Dr Ram said, ” There could be Sub-way or Sky-way, we need to sit with the engineering department of UT Chandigarh. It is just preconception stage after two years of wait”.

Delayed Projects, raised budgets, history of PGIMER

Trauma Centre "A Project of loses"
Trauma Centre “A Project of loses”

Now, PGI administration is thinking to shift their Trauma Centre at Sarangpur PGI. This is pertinent to mention here that there have been many projects of PGIMER, which got delayed due to which deadline and budget exceeded and so as the People’s time, health, taxes been exhausted. Talking about this same Trauma Centre, it took more than a decade to complete and was estimated Rs. 7.50 cr in year 2000 but exhausted more Rs 55 crore. It was planned in year 2000 for which CPWD gave Rs 5 Cr and PGI Administration did not plan anything so money go waste, When then administration asked it back then CPWD deducted Rs. 10 lakh from Rs 5 Crore.

In year 28 September 2002, Shatrughan Sinha laid stone of Trauma Centre and then DPGI Dr S K Sharma promised to complete Trauma Project with in 450 days. After seven years in 2009 Pgi Administration asked Central Health Ministry More Rs. 30 Crore after spending Rs 16 Crore for this Trauma Centre. Now, we all can very well imagine that How Serious PGI Administration is and how careful and faithful they are with Our tax paid money!! Well all the Best for future delays, dear PGI!!

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