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The witty Punjabi aunty in her unsolicited unforgiving self has sworn not to spare people who spread rumors. In her latest video, Pammi Aunty, behind her signature pink glasses and facemask, is seen snacking on her favourite tea-time snack Kurkure and gossiping. In her witty-wicked best, she tells her friend Sarla, or Sarla Bhenji as we know her, to rubbish stories around her alleged lip job and myths around plastic found in Kurkure.

Supporting her favorite snack, Kurkure, Pammi delves into science and explains, “Bhenjhi tusi teh phir vi science padhi  hai, bhenjhi jedhi cheez vich starch hondha hai unhe jal ke teh kaala hona he hai..kurkure vich te daal, corn, te chawal hondene…” (You have studied science. Anything with starch content will burn. Kurkure has daal, corn and rice).

Commenting on the occasion, Vani Gupta, Marketing Director – Indian Snacks, PepsiCo India says, “We all love Pammi Aunty and her iconic style. She has a great connect with our target audience. Pammi Aunty, with her wit and humour, has successfully told a story that needed telling. It is important that consumers understand the authenticity of Kurkure Masala Munch which is prepared using 100% safe everyday kitchen ingredients like daal, corn and rice, making it a great tea-time snack.”

From blustering international events, such as, Brexit to cheeky comments on people around her, Pammi Aunty has surely kept Sarla Bhenji and her viewers hooked to the tongue-in-cheek humour through her impeccable characterization of the Punjabi stereotype.

Curious? Watch the full video here.

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