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This journey is not easy, from meeting both ends for survival to go door to door to have admisssion in government school of their children. Though Central Government promised to provide education rather free education to every child yet these people in city beautiful Chandigarh are striving hard to have admission in Government school. They are denied admission, just because they do not have city based Adhaar card.

In only Kajheri, where media4pillar team went and have met as many as 50 tiny tots of more than 5 year old age sitting at home denying of their Right to have education. We met Gauri who is maid to several govt houses of sector 42. She said that she has two kids, 5 and 4 year old who have been denied admission by school just because they ain’t having city based Aadhaar Card. Her kids have Aadhaar Card of Uttar pradesh.

We met these little bundle of joys who got joyful on name of having education in school. Isn’t it plightful to know that in Chandigarh these kids are deprived of theirs basic Right. Ain’t UT Administration be ashamed of this? Can’t they provide them their basic Right? For what these bureaucrats are enjoying on our taxes and having lucrative salaries for not been able to provide a basic solution to these kids.

We tried to call DSE Rubinderjit Singh on this but No answer!!


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By Taruni Gandhi

Taruni Gandhi is an ace writer and journalist with over a decade experience in covering health, social issues. She can be contacted at

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