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Alike Loans when you have to represent your testimonies, as what is happening here in Chandigarh incase of buying a Sim Card. You will certainly face Music if you are a Bihar or UP Aadhaar card Holder because Chandigarh Police is alerting all Sim Selling Shopkeepers for not to sale Sim Card to Non Chandigarh, Non Punjab and haryana or Non Himachal Resident. List of clauses are provided to shopkeepers to maintain register on Sim Card buyers.

Be it Jio, Vodafone, BSNL or any other connection, vendor has to maintain register with details of buyer and his testimonies. Also vendor has to inform police regarding whom they have sold the sim card. If incase Vendor is found guilty in selling sim card/connection to any UP, Bihar Aadhaar holder without following rules, then vendor would face circumstances by police.

After facing this issue recently shifted UP Based Saurabh Tiwari shared his views and said that He recently have shifted here and due to some problem he has to buy sim from sector 42 Chandigarh. He got to know that he would have to bring two more people as his testimony to have sim. When he further from other sectors then again all have told him the same. So, he went to Mohali to purchase a sim card.

As per Sector 42 shopkeeper Amit, “Chandigarh Police have given clear instructions on UP, Bihar Aadhaar Card holders while selling them sim card. We need to submit testimonies, all particular of sim buyer.”

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