Mr.CM, have you been waiting for this incident to happen?
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270 Bus Vans got challaned and 120 got impounded


A maddening incident happened in Sangrur Longowal where a private school van caught fire and four kids got burnt alive whereas 8 kids got rescued. The news got viral and so as Punjab Government woke up from its Sleep of Aquarius just after two days of the incident.

CMO office tweets today that they checked 950 school bus vans in its campaign to be run all over the State. The Civil Administration along with Punjab Police have checked 950 buses and vans out of which 270 Bus Vans got challaned and 120 got impounded.

Really? Is this something to applaud for OR The Government tried to escape from the liability?

To our surprise, these all So-called impounded School vans have been active in providing their services to school children for the last three years. Neither the civil administration nor the government ever took heed to check these illegal weapons of death in the State. Now, even if the Government is checking and suddenly got awake after the precious loss of 4 kins of the family;

What is the point?

Why not before?

Does the government have this weak system that does not know about the illegit school bus vans that are plying in the State?

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