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Chandigarh number one in posing itself in Organ Donation in country

Three Green corridors executed today for Organ Journey to save 11 people lives


It is not easy for a Human being to be awake and work dedicatedly and aggressively for a cause and it is often hard heard in case of Government Setups. But, here PGIMER Chandigarh, not only have set example before country but also have been able to encourage public at large. This is a endeavor of saving lives with nothing but with Investment of a Continuous Sleepless hours. As of Now, PGIMER doctors team collectively have spent more than 1242 hours in Organ Transplant Program. As per Dr Ashish Sharma, HOD Transplant Surgery says that Every Organ Transplant Journey is an investment and every team member has to happily sacrifice his/her 72 hours of sleep for the success of it. It includes relative consent to Organ extraction, transport to organ harvest; everything. This year till now we have able to 17 organ transplants.

In a first of its kinds of initiatives, PGIMER shared two hearts and one liver for the matching recipients in New Delhi on a single day through three different flights by creating green corridor three times within a span of five hours in Chandigarh today. It is Commendable at the Part of whole team who not only have contributed enough but also encouraged everyone to participate and execute it to save lives.

Everyone has an important work to do in this but the most crucial part is to declare a Patient “Brain Dead” and a Neurologist has to be double sure for the certificate while declaring someone Brain Dead case. Dr Manish Modi, who does this crucial job at PGIMER says “There are certain International protocols which we need to follow while someone a Brain Dead and after being 100 percent sure we certify but yes, it is very difficult to make relative understand the position of that time”

Organ Donations in PGIMER uptill today

Year – Donation

2015 – 26

2014 – 15

2016 – 27

2017 – 17  in three months uptill today

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