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A probe into the death of a pregnant women has unearthed a female foeticide racket in Maharashtra, which has now sought Karnataka’s help in checking female foeticide.

Ok, You want to celebrate this International Women Day, you can, but I surely can not that too after what I have seen in gutters of Sangli. Nineteen aborted female fetuses were found yesterday dumped near a stream at a village in Sangli district of western Maharashtra.

It was an accidental find as the police recovered these foetuses while they were probing the case of a pregnant woman’s death during abortion. The police had reached the stream in Mhaisal village where it found the foetuses.

Police said that these foetuses were aborted and buried with an intention of disposing them off.

  1. A 26-year-old pregnant woman died on February 28 during abortion at the private hospital. The villagers suspected a foul play in the woman’s death and they approached police. The investigation blew the lid off a racket.
  2. The woman was taken to the hospital by her husband a few days back for abortion as she was carrying a girl child for the third time.
  3. The woman had died during abortion at the private hospital of Dr Babasaheb Khidrapure in the village. Khidrapure holds a Bachelor’s degree in Homoeopathy.
  4. The deceased woman’s father Sunil Jadhav told police that Jamdade had called him and expressed his willingness to abort the female foetus. Despite Jadhav’s objection, Jamdade went ahead with abortion, in which the woman died. A case has been registered against Jamdade and the doctor. Both are on the run.
  5. Now, the Maharashtra government has sought help from neighbouring Karnataka state government. It said that there was need for joint efforts to prevent women being taken to border towns for female foeticide.
  6. The government suspects that a cross-border abortion racket is in operation after 19 aborted female foetuses were found. “Maharashtra government will take up the issue of female foeticide with Karnataka to prevent such cases, especially after the Sangli incident,” Maharashtra Health Minister Deepak Sawant said.
  7. The Minister said a committee headed by Chief Secretary Sumit Malik was set up yesterday to conduct an investigation in the matter and co-ordinate with various departments to curb such practices.
  8. There are also instances of women from Maharashtra being taken to border areas of Karnataka for abortion. In such cases, Maharashtra Police cannot directly go there and initiate action, Sawant said.
  9. “We have also asked the Sangli District medical officer and civil surgeon to file their reports on Mhaisal incident. Once the report comes, there will be appropriate action,” Sawant said, adding search was on for the absconding doctor.
  10. “Such cross border nexus does exist and they profit from loopholes in the policing system and lack of communication between the two state governments,” a government official said, requesting not to be identified.

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