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What will you do going for a “Job” asked a husband to wife. “Someone please ask him what does he do in his office?,” a wife murmured.

“Handle home!!, handle kids!!”, As if ladies brought them in dowry.

Even your parents would force you to live in such marriage which is suffocating!! What to do then, a big Black Hole rests in your heart and you certainly slowly are becoming NUMB. Right?

Why is it so that men wants their wives to sacrifice their career for the sake of house, kids, for him, for his parents and bla bla bla. WHY? This unanswerable question would jolt your throat every time whenever you would think of this and again you would fall into depression. As if it is your mistake to marry such man whom you thought to be supportive.

Hold On!! Take a Deep Breath!! We understand, you do not owe any explanation but just snap that man out of your head if not life atleast. Because life is once. You must have done numerous mistakes in your exams which might have given you negative marking and suddenly you realize, “Fish, I knew the answer, I am so stupid!!” Its same, trust us, its same.”

All women out here some or other reason are victim of Patriarchy. Innumerable Sacrifices made a mother!! Really? “Shut up” is the only word for such people who think like that. Stand Up for yourself and If you cannot, just do not stop trying but Do not kill yourself everyday for continuous failures in getting your career back.

In PGIMER, Community Medicine department did a research on Post Natal Depression which turned to be Career deprived motherhood depression later. In this department found that 228 ladies out of 1028 in their post natal depression period were forcibly asked to leave their jobs to handle their kids as their husband do not want to leave his job for any baby sitting thing. Department categorised these ladies in CDMD (Career Deprived Motherhood Depression).  In this category they found that ladies became victim of depression due to their job loss and most importantly they are made feel like a non paid maid of house who is not even allowed to complain to make peace in their family. Most of these ladies have highly placed in their career before marriage says report of Community Medicine department.


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