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VHCA National conference would mingle Modern Technology and Ayurvedic Science to give boost to Trichology (Hair Treatment)


Often when you face hair problems, you look upto a dermatologist!! They may even treat you too, but the problem comes back and you certainly jump into the prey of shampoos, lots of spa treatments, bla bla bla!!

So, very few people know that Hair treatment needs a specialist called Trichologist. VHCA wants to develop trichology in country and in that pace they are having a National conference on Trichology in New Delhi. Under which Modern Ayurvedic technologies would be discussed. This conference would provide a Podium to research scholars to come with new ideas.

“The Central objective of this National Conference is to develop a strong awareness about Trichology throughout the country. The aim of this conference is also to equip Ayurveda Doctors, Researchers and Academicians with deep understanding of Ayurvedic & Modern Trichology (Hair & Scalp Science). Post this conference they would get knowledge about all kinds of hair disorders, diagnostic tools & various treatment modalities available globally,” shared Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal, Managing Director, VHCA Ayurveda.

Renowned experts in the field of Ayurvedic Science like Prof. Srikanth Babu Perugu (Hyderabad), Prof Mita Kotecha (Jaipur), Prof Anand Chaudhary (BHU), Dr. Anil Murarka (Delhi), Dr. Preeti Chhabra (New Delhi), Dr. Gopakumar Nair (Kerala) and Dr. Seema Oberoi Lall – renowned dermatologist from Gurgaon would share their thoughts and presentations on various important subjects related to Ayurveda and Trichology. Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal, Managing Director, VHCA Hair Clinic Founder and CEO – Ayurveda would present his thoughts on Entrepreneurship and Innovation in TRICHOLOGY. 

Dr. Vishwajeet Rajput (Organizing Secretary – TRICHON 2019) shared, “Global world class facilities provided is being provided by VHCA Hair Clinic like Hair Diagnosis, Hair Transplant, Hair Spa, Ayurvedic treatment. Special ayurvedic treatments and procedures have been developed to fight Hair Fall, Hair Loss, Dandruff, Premature greying of hair etc. Lakhs of Customers across the globe have benefitted from the positive effects of these services.

Also present at the press conference were Mr. B B Gupta from Chandigarh who is also the treasurer of TRICHON 2019 and Dr. Abid Ali – Assistant Professor – Media Institute of Kurukshetra.  Special mention was also given to the efforts of Officials like Ms. Preeti chhabra.   Mr. Surendra choudhary, Mr. Praveen Prabhakar. Mr.Rajeev kumar and Mr Naresh Bharghav who have done immense groundwork to make Trichon 2019 a success.

Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal, (a National Awardee in Ayurveda and social services) is a renowned ayurvedic physician, eminent speaker and writer. Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal belongs to the 4th generation of VHCA Herbals. His modern methodologies have been instrumental in helping VHCA to scale new heights of ventures in to diversified portfolios.

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