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Eman Ahmed was discharged today after losing 330 kg over three months.


Eman Ahmed, the 36-year-old Egyptian woman who came to India for weight reducing bariatric surgery at the Saifee hospital in Mumbai, is leaving for Abu Dhabi for further treatment today. A green corridor has been demarcated for her ambulance which is taking her to the airport.

Eman Ahmad Outside the Hospital
Eman Ahmad Outside the Hospital

She was discharged today after losing 330 kg over three months. A specially-procured ambulance will take her to the airport to board a special Airbus 300 to Abu Dhabi. A team of nine doctors, nurses and paramedics will accompany her. “Our team has prepared for all logistics. Since normal aircraft have smaller entrances, we have arranged for a special flight. She will be admitted under Burjeel Hospital’s care Thursday,” a spokesperson for VPS Healthcare said.

Eman was brought to India on February 11 when she weighed an estimated 500 kgs for treatment of obesity along with a myriad of related ailments.

Her sister, Shaimaa Selim, who alleged that the team of doctors at Saifee hospital were lying about Eman’s weight loss, has said the UAE doctors have promised year-long treatment, rehabilitation and care for Ahmed. Bariatric surgeon Dr Aparna Bhasker said Eman was fit to fly and did not require special preparations for the flight. “She will only need tube feeding as her neck is paralysed due to a brain stroke.’’

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