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On 12 April 2020, Patiala ASI Hand got chopped, Surgically reimplanted, and then Social Media flooded with Compliments saying, “Really, PGI docs are GOD”. “God Bless 2nd GOD on earth” and what Not. MERELY, 10 days passed, a non-medico father perception changed the attitude of people towards PGIMER.

Today, a 6-Month-old child got diagnosed with COVID when she was about to go for a Corrective surgery on Congenital Heart disease while being admitted in NON-COVID WARD. Now, the father of Child Ramu, Who is NON-MEDICO and Who has been roaming here and there in PGI, blaming PGI DOCS for negligence!!

Here are Some points to look at

  1. In a statement from PGI, it is mentioned the child was admitted to a private facility in LUDHIANA for 36 days and was serious there. They referred the case to PGIMER, “Without mentioning it as a Possible COVID Case”.
  2. Child Got admitted to PGIMER on 9th April. Since then, the father of Child has been roaming here and there in PGIMER premises, knowingly when CORONAVIRUS is so very well known to everyone including the “ILLETRATES”.
  3. No one even for a second thought of a possibility that Child could have caught the infection from Ludhiana or Maybe from her Parents especially Father, who could not help controlling his limbs to walk around the premises.

While talking on this issue and disturbed with the attitude of people, Senior Consultant of PGIMER says, “This is why we being doctors do not take people compliments literally. Blaming PGI on this issue is like BLAMING AN AUTOMOBILE COMPANY FOR AN ACCIDENT WHEN YOU ARE CROSSING THE ROAD WITHOUT PRECAUTIONS”

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By Taruni Gandhi

Taruni Gandhi is an ace writer and journalist with over a decade experience in covering health, social issues. She can be contacted at [email protected].

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