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SDO saying its Progressive Punjab, People ask without electricity how progress would happen

Business suffers without uncalled electric cuts

Forget the scorching heat weather and issue of water shortage that may lead to electric cuts. Here, the Electricity Department is itself clueless on why have they not been able to provide non stop electricity in Zirakpur since december 2018.

Numerable people relating to business families have reached the Electricity department. But No one of them got the right answer to their query yet. As per Sneha, who is a business woman in Zirakpur and running a venture of printing and dealing with Army, complains that SDO of department gave her abrupt answers on her complaints and says they have no idea about why cuts are that frequent in Zirakpur.

A snapshot of complain filed on facebook page of PSPCL by complainant

One official told her that Punjab is progressing day by day and she cannot complain that Electric department is not providing facility in Zirakpur. On this Sneha replied and asked how Zirakpur is progressing without Electricity? As per Sneha, Department is playing passing the buck game with people who came there with complaint of having cuts from 11 AM to 1 PM and 2.30 PM to 4.30 PM in Zirakpur.

She along with other people went to ask Grid operators as well where Junior Engineer showed his ignorance on this subject. We tried reaching SDO Zirakpur on phone but he didn’t reply on call.

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