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A Suspicious case of Fatality found in Sector 25 Chandigarh around 10 PM on 16 April 2017.  A 40 year old youth found fatal in Car, whom police identified as Lovepreet of Sector 49. Police is suspecting that He might have died due to Air Condition Gas of White colour Car Etios with number CH 01 AP 2070. There is bottle of half filled Liquor and When the door was opened the Gas of AC Feron which might have converted into Carbon Monoxide.

More suspicious points are

  • Car Wipers were on and it seems that Car’s front glass was cleaned from inside.
  • Fatal body’s pent zip was opened
  • Though body was lying at the driving seat but his shoes was lying at the other side of driving seat.
  • There have been 15 missed calls in his phone.
  • Since, the body was found around 10 PM, but the spectators said that Car has been standing there since 4 pm and some said 6 or 8 PM.
  • Lovepreet has connection with Baddi as police confirmed because phone calls what Lovepreet phone is receiving have been from Baddi.
  • Police  has taken the body to Sector 16 Government Hospital for further verifications and possible treatments.
  • Car recently have met with an accident as well as it could be seen at Front and back bumper side along with scratches at the side body of car.

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