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Our Prime Minister had planned this Noteban quite after he took oath of Prime Ministership. He impressed Narendra Modi with his couplets and poetry skills and Prime Minister applied it on country. This video pasted below will tell you why we are saying this. Listen and watch the video carefully. Well, you will certainly see “Bhagwa Premis” of Prime Minister Modi sitting in the video.

This Man sang the couplet and suggested every possible way to curb the menace of Black Money from the country. What has happened to us is just the peanut. God forbid if Prime Minister opted all the options what this man is singing here in video, Maximum owners of Black Money would have left the world with heart attacks and Maximum out of them would be no one but Our dear Politicians!!

Maximum People are blaming Modi for Demonetisation and unprofessional ways of imposing on us but My dear friends listen to this man and you will realise who is a culprit. #ASARCASMBYMEDIA4PILLAR

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