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The Biggest negligence of Premier Institute Post Graduate Institute of Medical Research and Education and Government Medical College Sector 32,  disposing Bio Medical Waste to the Kabadis of the city in Punjab and in Chandigarh have come into light. The Punjab Pollution Control Board who did rade over such places, have sent this report to concerned ministries. It is reported that 9.35 tonnes of Bio Medical Waste was recovered from Naya Gaon, Parch village and from Dhanas.

Punjab pollution Control Board have sent report to the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Law and Justice as well as to the Central Pollution Control Board along with Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee. The Board have sent its observation, detailed report to the Ministry after what the requisite actions would be decided. The Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee would also take action as per the recommendation of PPCB. The Board have sent the Show Cause notice to the concerned hospitals although the Hospital authorities have filed DDR against the Employees. Though PGIMER has lodged the FIR against its employees who have been selling Bio Medical Waste.

As per officials of Punjab Pollution Control Board, whosoever is found to foul the rules set for Bio Medical Waste disposal under Environment Act 1986, the culprit could be imprisoned for 6 years and fined for this act of crime.

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