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Doctor agitated while handling emergency pressure


Top officials of PGIMER confirmed on condition of anonymity that Emergency go out of capacity today. PGIMER Emergency is having capacity of 650 beds and patients are far more than the capacity in emergency today. As per the officials record of today PGIMER Emergency suffered with more than 1050 at one time. Condition get worsen when Residents refuse to handle the pressure.

As per sources from Emergency, They have not seen this much pressure in last 10 years so far. Though they agree with the fact that PGI Emergency always has been in pressure, but it always has been manageable. Today is the first time when consultants along with residents of PGIMER who are deputed for emergency, became adamant to handle patient as they are too human. As a result situation get worsen at Emergency. Then Security personnel took charge at hand and made extra care takers to go out of emergency.

Though  there is active TRIAGE system at Emergency, even then today PGIMER emergency got blasted with over pressure of patients. Reema a Care taker of a patient said that there is no place to stand in emergency even, it is beyond imagination how doctors are handling this much pressure. it is 8;30 pm and they are still trying to handle the situation, atleast For God sake Doctors are too human not Machine!!

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