Mitro...There are only poles; no electricity
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Jogipurva alias Baniyanpurva shall be known as a “Village with Paucities”

M4PNews| Colonelganj, Gonda

Whom to blame here, the lazy bureaucrats, the State Government, the Central Government or mindset of localities who are still in well of casteism. There are poles installed but no wires to provide electricity. Yet the State Government has this “AUDACITY” to install a board claiming that they have provided electricity in nook and corner this area called Jogipurva alias Baniyanpurva.

A Board that claims of electrification of village is far from reality

Let me explain little more to our readers here. As I am hailing from Punjab so could not imagine to have a life without basic facilities. So, I am shaken, shocked, exhausted in and out after seeing the people of my country still are deprive of basic facilities like Clean water, Shed, Electricity and Ofcourse a Toilet. The Yogi Government is no lesser than the earlier ThugBandhan Sarkar.

This is when I happen to visit this village on demise of my family member. 1. A place where doctors do not know meaning of CPR, forget anything else. 2. A place where people STILL DEFECATE OPENLY.

Yes, MR. YOGI and MR. MODI, the only state which has given you maximum mandate to rule on this country, there people are still defecating openly, because your bureaucrats do not want to work. They still are not drinking Clean water.

When a researcher, forget researcher, even a small Journalist like me, going to claim on anything, we are expected to have a check on everything before we make it public. Look at this Yogi Government; there bureaucrats sent their report to state claiming of having electrified the Whole Gonda District comprising all villages like Munderwa, But the reality is far away from the Claim. To my shock, they have this Audacity to install a board claiming electrification of whole area.

Only because people residing here; are illetrate, do not have courage to say anything before bureaucrats, Is this mean that the Local or state government can claim anything. Or Is that so that the Local government is suffering with Mental condition of having Deja-Vu around them.

Dear Magistrate, or whosoever is responsible of this condition, Please pass me your “JINN”. Your imaginations are par excellence, it is ridicule to say here that you make your State government to install such boards on roads to popularize your work which is not yet fully implemented.

When talking on this to the Department Rural Development’s Chief Development Officer,
an IAS officer Ashish Kumar
, after sending him pictures of non wired poles, he said, “I have sent my staff to check on the reality. I would be able to comment on after the report comes back to me.”

While having word with District Magistrate Dr Nitin Bansal on this, he said,” There are still some part of villages which are yet to covered under this scheme called “Sobhagaya” and there are other schemes too under which villages would be covered.

Yet Mr Magistrate did not answer on why the board is installed claiming completion of project when it is not.

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By Taruni Gandhi

Taruni Gandhi is an ace writer and journalist with over a decade experience in covering health, social issues. She can be contacted at [email protected].

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