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Losing arms in a horrifying accident can leave any person devastated with life altering consequences which can make everyday a battle for survival. But better options for treatment and medical technology have ensured that people get the required help to overcome their ordeal.

19-year-old Shreya Siddanagowda from Kerala had both her arms amputated after they got crushed in a bus accident. But now she has received new arms thanks to one of the first double limb transplants which took around 13 hours.

Shreya had started using prosthetics four months after the mishap, but then the family of a 20-year-old boy who died of a head injury in a motorbike crash donated his arms. The chemical engineering students has now been discharged and is undergoing physiotherapy as part of a rehabilitation programme.

Sheya told Daily Mail that while she felt everything had collapsed with the accident, she found hope when her mother told her that limb transplants were being carried out in India. Now she wants to continue her studies and fulfil dreams she had before she lost her arms.

The 20-year-old donor named Sachin was declared brain dead after an accident in August and his parents decided to donate his organs for transplant. The first child who received limbs from the transplant is Zion Harvey from US who is now able to write and can feed as well as dress himself.

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