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Sooraj Pancholi, He extricated foetus and disposed of in toilet, charge sheeted by CBI for allegedly abetting suicide of actor Jiah Khan, had hidden facts and fabricated information during questioning, the forensic analysis of his statements have indicated. A chargesheet filed by the CBI in the case revealed how subsequent abortions aided by Aditya Pancholi left Jiah Khan into depression and mental trauma, possibly leading to the actress’ suicide.

The charge sheet narrates the sequence of events leading to Jiah Khan’s suicide. It states that Jiah Khan was four weeks pregnant when she informed Pancholi about it. Both then consulted a doctor who prescribed medicines for termination of pragnancy. However, the prescribed medicines did not help and the couple later approached a gynaecologist who prescribed more effective combination of drugs, a source told Mumbai Mirror on the express condition of anonymity.

“After taking the medicine, Khan started haemorrhaging and called Pancholi for help. She was in pain and needed immediate medical attention but Pancholi allegedly asked her to wait and called up the gynaecologist for guidance. He was asked to rush Khan to hospital as the foetus had probably aborted but had not been expelled from the body, which is probably what led to the hemorrhaging,” the charge sheet says.

The charge sheet alleges that Sooraj didn’t want their relationship to become public because he belived it would harm his career, and if Jiah got hospitalised people would know about them. Afraid of this, Sooraj then took the matter in his hand and avoided going to hospital.  He extricated the foetus and disposed of it in the toilet, the charge sheet alleges.

Jiah Khan had claimed that she was impregnated by Sooraj and owing to their career in showbiz, was forced to abort on more than one occasion.

The charge sheet also alleged that Jiah tried to make contact with Sooraj and visited his bungalow.

It claimed that she even called his cook but Sooraj asked him to convey that he was with his father Aditya Pancholi and could not take her calls, which was alleged to be a lie.

It alleged that later he received a call from Jiah which lasted for 400 pulses in which there was again a heated exchange of words between the two. CBI alleged that he sent 10 messages to her in the night which were abusive and accusatory in nature.

CBI has alleged that the three page note seized by Mumbai Police on June 10, 2013 was written by Jiah which narrated her intimate relationship, physical abuse and mental and physical torture allegedly experienced at the hands of Sooraj which led to her suicide.

It alleged that the letter was not signed and even not addressed to Sooraj. However, evidence on hand incriminates Sooraj only. The charge sheet claims that according to experts the letter explains Jiah’s mental status and circumstances behind her extreme step. The board of forensic medicines opined death is suicidal in nature which corroborates post mortem done by Mumbai doctors.

The charge sheet comes a fortnight after the sessions court here sought to know the status of CBI probe in the case after the Bombay High Court transferred it to them last year.

On November 18, Special Women’s Court Judge A S Shende had noted that the probe agency (as per its earlier submission) had finished the investigations but “the charge sheet was still not filed.”

In October 2013, Rabiya had moved the Bombay High Court alleging that Jiah, her daughter, had been murdered and sought a CBI probe which was granted.

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