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Just a casual walk in PGIMER, I , saw a man howling badly sitting on road. His sister was not even bothering. I could not stop myself and asked the man what happened, Can I help you?. This boy aged 24 years is from Rajpura, 4 years ago he was a healthy youngster till he encountered drugs (Chitta). He told me that he was never like this, he used to love his family and could not afford to hurt them even in dreams.

In 2014 November, His SHO Friend made him meet a lady of some village and She is a supplier of Drug chitta being a “Sarpanch”. I Intrigued and asked who is SHO and LADY SARPANCH, But he refused to unveil their names. Though I let him say his story. Lady gave him this poison and told him “AA la nazare aaun ge es to baad”. He took it and never stopped. She used to charge Rs 3500 to Rs 7500 and even more as and when they demanded, considering their addiction. Price kept on increasing and so on the addiction. He soon went out of money.

Then he got advice that he shall bring nude pictures of his sister, which would be sold and he will get drugs. He ignored it for three weeks but could not help it. He first clicked his mom’s pictures while bathing and then clicked his sister’s pictures while bathing. He kept selling these pictures with the help of his friend and kept having drugs till the time his conscious awakened him for what blunder he has done with his family and his sister.

Listen to this Audio What he has to say and how he is repenting

This man has no cure for his self woe. Drugs in Punjab is not a new story for any of us but this incident may open eyes of many who are thinking to have drugs. Government will find solution only that day when their own family member would go and die due to drugs till then PLEASE do not ruin your life!!

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By Taruni Gandhi

Taruni Gandhi is an ace writer and journalist with over a decade experience in covering health, social issues. She can be contacted at

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