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It is first time in history of Punjab that State is going to have Environment Protection Fund. Punjab Pollution Control Board in its 179th meeting approved creation of Environment Protection Fund in the Board. The board will do all possible activities to ensure the protection environment in all manners.

In meeting, Board has urged Companies/ Project Proponents, general Public, Serving or retired employees of Board or any other organization desirous of undertaking environmental amelioration activities can contribute to this fund. The Board will utilize this fund on the following activities pertaining to protection of environment in the State of Punjab.

  1. Tree Plantation and or Environment cleaning activities.
  2. Funding of R&D activities for environment protection/upgradation.
  3. Funding for activities related to control of air/water/noise/soil pollution or anyother environment protection activity.
  4. Providing financial and technical assistance for setting up or running of waste management facilities i.e. plastic waste, hazardous waste or any other waste with a view to dispose it off in an environmentally sound manner and to reduce recycle and reuse it.
  5. Providing financial and technical assistance for setting up and running of STPs/ETP with a view to control water pollution etc.

A separate account number in yes bank has been created for environment protection fund.

Look at the Order copy for more information.


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