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  • CCWC Chairperson sent appeal to Chandigarh Administration to allow them for taking “Blood Samples” Beggars’ toddlers sleepings in “Prams” first time in Country if executed as planned!!

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On 14 November on Childrens’ Day when Media4pillar.com raised a question through its report that Why Can’t Administration take blood samples of Beggars’ toddlers to see if they are addicted with drugs. On this Chairperson Neil Roberts took the rapid action and wrote an appeal to Chandigarh Administration to allow and make all stake holders like Health Department, Child Welfare Cell, Legal cell, Police Department collectively work on this project. In which they would blood samples of these Beggars’ Sleeping Children in Pram and rule out if there is any drug given to them. In Case if the toddler found to be induced with drug that concerned Beggar would be entitled to fall under Child and Protection Act and would be given Sufficient Punishment for the same i.e. 5 to 7 years of Jail or Life time Imprisonment.

Here to Note that If the appeal goes accepted by the Administration, then this would be first ever case in India, Where Administration would take such strong step against Beggary and drug Addiction amongst Children and Toddlers.

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This is essential to mention here that Chandigarh Administration had ordered Chandigarh Commission for Protection of Child Rights (CCPCR) to conduct the survey to check drug addiction amongst children. 1200 Beggars were found in Chandigarh, in Which even 7 year old child was found to be addicted with drugs.

Neil Roberts Chairperson of Child Welfare Committee had worked hard for the cause but as per him there is lot more to do.


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