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Aisha Jaan of Jammu dancing in IGRT centre of PGI suffering with Stomach Cancer

I have spoken and heard these words “Why Me?” I have cribbed, complained and what not but never been ungrateful for what I have. I have never been ungrateful to those silent fighters/healers who kept on fighting for these unknowns. These unknowns are Patients and fighters/healers are PGIMERS doctors, residents, technicians, nurses, class 4 employees.

Since cancer has no choice while choosing its patient. It attacks despite age, gender, cast and creed. I got to see this beautiful angel Aisha Jaan age 5, suffering stomach cancer stage four, post operated yet full of life and playful. She has nothing to do with her disease, probably she does not even know meaning and intensity of her disease she is suffering.

She lives in moment, when stomach pains, she sits in lap of her mother. When pain vanishes, she starts playing. I saw her mother been upset, Aisha came and console her mom saying, “I will be fine.” She is such a positive vibe that I could not resist clicking her pictures.

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Aisha gets her treatment in Radiotherapy department of PGI. In IGRT centre where she gets her radiations from machine, is over loaded with patients. Technicians and Resident doctors are over burdened with patients yet they all attend Aisha with smile, empathy and loads of love. Even technician sitting on console gave her radiation late night. Hats off to these people, who despite being over burdened that they could not have time to even eat, are still been empathatic to these people who are suffering.

There is no doubt on this that they get paid for what they do. But, they get paid for a limited time of service of a day. These resident doctors are working beyond a human reach could possibly be.

For whom are they working? We all know the answer. Yet people complain. Sadly, yes, residents and technicians not only face rude behaviour of patients’ attendents but also face humiliation after being scolded by their seniors.

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