A Chandigarh man who cleans Toilets; so that his "Karma" shall get clean
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He does not want himself to get fame on what he is doing, but want to encourage people to do selfless service in whichever form they could do


After the two hour of conversation and on the condition of anonymity, this man who has sheer believe in Karma, agrees to share his story with us. He is not a sweeper, not even a class IV employee but a mid aged Post Graduate pass out of Panjab University, a business man and a resident of sector 38 having his own house. He goes different places to clean toilets.

Yes, Toilets!! Strange; No?

He sometimes goes in PGIMER, sometimes in 16 Hospital and sometimes cleans Public toilets once in a week. That is his bit to satisfy and clean his Karma. Yes, Karma!!

We are changing his name, Ashok age 46, computer engineer, believes that cleaning toilets is the best way to clean Karma of own. We met him in PGIMER when he was cleaning Toilet of Radiotherapy Unit. One Class IV employee introduced us to him.

He says, “People believe in donating food, money, clothes here to get attention of GOD on them or may be to get satisfaction of doing something good towards needy. I believe in other way around. I believe in cleanliness, God stays where there is Cleanliness, Moreover we do so much bad karmas in a day, so by this way, I am cleaning my Karma!!”

He chooses places, go there in odd hours and clean the toilet. Every week there is one toilet chosen. He also inspires people to do anything good for needy so that positivity shall get spread in Universe and get back to them.

We do not know about Karmas, but he surely is Heart Winner of many who know him for this reason.

Good people do spread happiness around!! Salute to you Mr Ashok!!

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By Taruni Gandhi

Taruni Gandhi is an ace writer and journalist with over a decade experience in covering health, social issues. She can be contacted at taru.gandhi@gmail.com.

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