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Clear Violations of National Green Tribunal Orders

There are around 70 industrial plants leaving their effluents in River and damaging Bio Diversity nearly everyday. Central Pollution Control Board have submitted this report to NGT. CPCB in its report have surveyed the industrial plants of country and have submitted the complete status report on effluents level released by the plants in country.

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CPCB submitted report to NGT

It is said in Report that there are 1735 Industrial mills in Punjab which require Effluent Treatment Plants. Out of which 1665 industrial plants’ Treatment plant is in working condition. But 70 Industrial Plants are working without Treatment Plant.

10 Industrial Mills have already been issued Show Cause Notice whereas 40 Industrial Mills have been ordered to shut down and 20 Industrial Mills would face action on them soon.

It is reported that many industrial mills have one common effluent treatment plant. There are around 4 such common effluent Treatment plant out of which one effluent treatment plant did not match the standard.

Sewage Treatment Plant too superseding the rules

There are 71 sewage treatment plants that are not following rules of Central Government. There are 641 sewage Treatment plants in Punjab. 570 sewage treatment plants are working as per set government standards but 17 are such treatment plants who have been issued show cause notice by not following rules. Four Treatment plants are facing legal actions and 50 are in queue to face consequences of not following standards.

It is also mentioned in the report that 120 sewage treatment plants are under construction. All of these plants would be completed by March 2020. Along with this Four Common Effluent Treatment are also under construction which would also be completed and operable by March 2019.

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